Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cake Balls

 I made this  using Kelly over @ Kelly's Korner via her Kelly's Recipes ( to kind out how to make them click the link Kelly's Recipes) blog...

Kelly uses Red Velvet cake,  Cream cheese Frosting and Vanilla Almong bark ( i think i would like it better)... but i used Yellow Cake and Chocolate Frosting and Chocolate Almond Bark ( it was so rich)!

 But they are GOOD!!! Brandon loves yellow cake so i thought he would like them more.. he did.. I almost couldn't eat them cause the are RICH!!

So glad i finally got to try out Kelly's Recipe!!  Next time i am trying Red Velvet or made even Carrot Cake of Fun fetti wouldn't that be awesome!!

Looks Gross huh!!

The were so Yum!! Brandon's Grandpa took have of these!!

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